Meet these five people who are unusual because of their lifestyles.

1. Unusual appearance, unusual voice: Bozo Vreco

Bozo Vreco describes himself as both male and female, and his voice is so beautiful that you will immediately fall in love. He is what you would never expect to come from a country like Bosnia and Herzegovina.

2. The man who tamed the electricity: Biba Struja

Electricity can’t do anything to Biba Struja. He participated in SuperTalent where he showed his strengths. DailyMail also wrote about him:

Biba Struja discovered his incredible ability to withstand high voltages when he accidentally pulled a live cable from the ground as a teenager and was unaffected by a shock large enough to kill him.

Since then the 57-year-old has made a living by performing high voltage feats and by running an electro-therapy clinic from his home in Pozarevac, Serbia.

His latest stunt saw him wow the hosts and audience of Romanian TV show ‘Acces Direct’ when he used his personal power source to switch on a lightbulb, boil an egg and bake a sausage.”

You can find out more here:

3. Woman leader of the famous robber group “Pink Panthers:” Olivera Cirkovic

She is both beautiful and intelligent, a former basketball player with an unusual life story. One of the best athletes, she became a criminal after the destruction of the country in which she lived. She became the leader of the most notorious robbery group called the “Pink Panthers.” She stole millions, and today she is writing book in which she points out that being criminal is not worth it.

4.  A woman who cured cancer with limewater (calcium hydroxide): Natasa Pusova

Natasa had cancer in the terminal stage. She heard from her friend that she needed to drink limewater (calcium hydroxide), which is made in a special way (it must be made from lime that is not infected with foreign substances). Today, she is a healthy woman who helps other people to heal themselves.

5. Turkish singer – a woman who looks like she is 35 but is 74 years old: Ajda Pekkan

A woman who looks much younger than she actually is. She claims that kebabs and fish are responsible for her good appearance, as well as a little help from surgeons. She also still wants to become a mother.


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