You are too small, too fat, too black, too yellow, too old, too young, and you have too little experience – how many times have you heard this nonsense when you were looking for a job? Of course, no one will tell you that the reason of rejection is that you belong to  above mentioned categories of “too.” You know that you have a better CV than all the other applicants or you know that you are more persistent, you know that you are ready to learn, you know that you want to work much more than anybody else, but you see someone else pass just because the right age, better looks, etc.

Yes, it is a fact of life. But you should never give up. We should always remember the life stories of the founders of Alibaba:

“I applied for a lot of jobs, but nobody wanted me! I was turned down for secretary to the general manager of a Kentucky Fried Chicken.”

Today is Jack Ma worth 43.8 billion dollars

For these reasons, new possibilities need to be tried. One of the most popular is working online. See how to make money online:


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