Her name is Natasa Pusova and she comes from Macedonia. This woman suffered from Non-Hodgkin’s cancer, which had spread to her bones, ribs and lymph nodes.

She had only three months to live, and she turned to alternative medicine.

Fortunately, she met a friend who is originally from Turkey and whose grandmother was treating cancer with limewater.

She also went to chemotherapy, but at same time she drank lime water. After a couple of chemotherapy treatments, the doctor asked her if she was taking anything on her own from alternative medicine because something strange was happening.

She told him that she did not take anything because she was afraid of his reaction – namely, she knew that doctors did not like alternative medicine.

After a few months, she went to be examined at with a PET scan in Slovenia. A new doctor from Slovenia received her diagnosis from a colleague in Macedonia. After the results of the PET scan arrived, the doctor came out to ask her what she was taking from alternative medicine because the fact was that chemotherapy could not cure the disease she had. She admitted to him that she drank lime water and bathed in baking soda.

The doctor said he trusted her because this combination creates a basic environment in which the cancer cannot live.

The doctor from Slovenia even took her prescription, in case he needed it for someone else. Natasa Pusova is a cured woman today and is happy to share the recipe with other people. She herself notes that lime water is made exclusively from lime that is baked and made in a completely natural and biological way. If you don’t know how the lime was made, you shouldn’t take it. Lime must be baked on wood, and you need to make sure it is baked on wood and not on rubber and plastic because that causes lime to become toxic.

She points out that such lime is mostly found in mountainous areas. What is needed: half kilogram of lime and one enameled pot (not teflon!). Take 5 liters of water and put lime in it. The lime will start to boil, and it is necessary to stir with a wooden spoon as it melts in the water. Leave to stand for 12 hours. After 12 hours, strain through gauze into glass bottles. Drink 200 ml per day. She drank lime water with yogurt in a 330 ml beer glass. So there’s roughly half a cup of yogurt and half a cup of lime in a glass. She drank this every morning. And she notes that it’s forbidden to eat anything three hours after so that the water can clean the toxins from the body. Sugar should never be eaten during therapy. Everything else can be eaten. During the therapy, Natasa also took a bath in a tub that was filled with half a kilo of baking soda and she lay down in it for an hour. If the water becomes cold, it is necessary to add warm water. Natasa says that in this way the body is cleansed with lime water from the inside and with baking soda from the outside.

Disclaimer: This text is for informational purposes only. Consult your doctor before any therapy. We are not liable for any consequences if you apply the above methods.


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