When we think of Europe or the United States, we always have an idea of a high degree of democracy. But is that so?

Do you really know how it is be a foreigner or to have a different skin color in those countries? The case of George Floyd that shook America made us wonder if racism is really only present in the US, or is it in Europe as well?

Anti-Semitism, nationalism and chauvinism are also widely present in Europe.

After a short research, I found the story of a lawyer who could not get a job just because she is of Turkish origin. She is the third generation of a Turkish family living in Germany. Third generation! So, German is her mother language, but it’s not worth anything. As she says – it would be much easier to have a German name.

With this article we want to give support in the fight against racism, nationalism, chauvinism, Anti-Semitism and other nonsense of the modern age.


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