So how did Prague become one of the best cities for IVF? What makes Prague so special?

The answer is simple – top service, staff who are educated in high-tech, and reasonable prices. Couples from various parts of the world come to Prague wanting to become parents.

What are the conditions to start the fertilization process?

The conditions are as follows – IVF can only be accessed by couples who are married and both partners must be perfectly healthy. Before arriving in Prague, the following tests are usually required: for a woman: the PAPA test, an ultrasound of the uterus, complete blood analyses, an analysis of sex hormones and thyroid hormones and a test on thrombophilia. And for men, only the sperm count test is required.

The analysis has to be sent to a doctor in Prague. After the doctor reviews the analysis, you get an answer on when to come. The following analyses are also performed in Prague: a HIV analysis; a check for syphilis and for all forms of  hepatitis.

When everything is finished, the fertilization process begins. Keep in mind that you will stay in Prague for about 7-10 days. Some women stay longer.

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