She is a woman who has changed her gender and who advocates for the rights of sex workers. She talks openly about her gender reassignment and the suffering she went through. In interviews, Kristina always pointed out that she has always felt like a woman trapped in a man’s body and that she is now satisfied with herself.

 What is more interesting is the fact that she is committed to fighting for the legalization of prostitution in small European country: Serbia. In a traditionally-minded country, her behavior is quite considerably unusual.

In Serbia, engaging in prostitution is still legally punishable, but that did not stop Krisina Ferrari from openly saying in the morning show that she engaged in prostitution:

“I’ve been doing striptease for years, and I’m a sex worker. It’s a job that has always existed and will always exist. Everyone has a choice. I have private parties, bachelor parties, birthdays, which I go to and do a show, it’s just a striptease Clients are not the same either, some just want to dance, others apply for service and dance, so it is necessary to protect the girls who deal with it.

 They pay for private security, because the police do not protect them, and if the police break in, that guy will be immediately marked as a pimp. I work alone in a circle of famous clients,” Kristina Ferrari described her work.

“I don’t have to engage in prostitution, it’s my choice. There are people who like to do their job, but that time and that service cost money. Today, people are sold in various ways, and sex workers do that business and it costs money. I am not selling myself, I am selling my services. I can’t sell myself.”

(The text is taken from the morning program of Pink Television, Serbia)


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