We went to St Petersburg in June 2018. This is the part of the year when the so-called white nights start. That is late May and early June when darkness is almost completely absent, and the streetlamps are not lit. Then, the city was beneath a sunset. The biggest experience man can have is watching the biggest attraction of St Petersburg – the lifting of Bridges, which lasts from 1:30 to 5 AM. The city is famous for it. There is a picture of how it looks. There are 580 bridges in the city

The things that you “must do” in St. Petersburg:

  1. Visit the Hermitage World-Famous Museum.

There are about 3 million exhibits: the world-famous works of Rembrandt, Ruben, Matisse, Paula Gauguin, Leonardo Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso and many other artists are in this museum.

2.Visit the church of St. Peter and Paul – all the members of the Russian Emperor’s family, including the Romans who killed the Communists, were buried in the church. Later, the Russians were buried on the orders of former President Boris Jelcinj in 1998. The room in which the remains of the Romans were buried was dispersed from the rest of the space.

3.Visit Peterhof Palace. The disadvantage of this visit is that you are prohibited from staying long in each of the rooms. The staff who are sitting in the rooms constantly push you to go further. The disadvantage is also the fact that for each part of the Peterhof you have to pay specially. But in spite of all that, Peterhof is for me more beautiful than Versailles.

You will have to take one of the hydrofoil speedboats to get there.

4.Go into a few restaurants. We got recommendations from the apartment owners for two restaurants: Terassa I Korushka. Both are exceptionally beautiful although Terassa is more modern and the clientele is different. I read comments about the restaurant and saw that there are many complaints about the price and atmosphere. It is easily understandable because the prices are really high and the girls look like super movie stars from the red carpet, so many women who are tourists, and who go there in sneakers and everyday clothes, have a sense that they are threatened by the long-legged beautiful Russian women. But the atmosphere and the view of the church are extraordinary! My conclusion is that you ladies should dress up the best that you can and enjoy with your partner a beautiful view of the church! And of course you have to make a reservation for dinner!

This restaurant is near to the famous Nevsky Prospect – the most fabulous street in St. Petersburg. I forgot to say that the restaurant has a view of the imposing Kazan Cathedral!

Everything about the good restaurants you can find here: https://en.ginza.ru/spb/restaurant/terrassa#

5. Canal tour. There is nothing more romantic than a boat tour! You can negotiate for a lower price. For me, the boat tour was one of the most beautiful impressions of St Petersburg!

6. Accommodation – we booked a nice apartment through the internet. The picture says everything. Prices for this apartment are around 600 euros for 4 nights.

7. The night life – the Russians have a good night life on the streets. There are many musicians who stay late into the night. Dancing on the street is a normal occurrence. We did not get any recommendations for a night club but we were warned that we, as strangers, could have problems in night clubs

8. All in all St Petersburg represents one big country in its true light. Everything is so big and powerful and it is guaranteed that you´ll be back from this town full of impressions!


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